February 28,2019

I wanted to go on my honeymoon where I have never been before. That’s what struck me with sheer excitement and unique memories. For my honeymoon, I was looking for packages and was keen to travel to a different land near the sea. I wanted to celebrate honeymoon in Mauritius with my husband. I had always wanted to go to Mauritius to experience its green ocean, sandy beaches, lovely weather, and natural beauty. As I had finalized the dates, all I needed was to set off.

We landed in Mauritius in the late afternoon. At the airport, we met someone sent for us for pickup who greeted us very nicely. He told us about our entire itinerary and drove us to the hotel. When we were taken to our hotel in a comfortable cab, we were received with respect. The hotel was great and nothing like fake smiles. In the evening, the hotel staff arranged a party for all the guests. We had a great time with great dinner, games, music, dance, and other things. We also stayed at the hotel for one whole day. Then we went to the beach and had a nice evening time.

On lunch, we went to the streets to look for a good restaurant and came across many. It was a very good place for sumptuous cuisines and I will recommend lunch in Mauritius open restaurants. We were dancing in the evening and enjoying the delicious gala dinner. We went to Ile Aux Cerf Island, booked a water sports package and went off to the sea!

We both loved the speedboat ride on Mauritius to Ile Aux Cerf island tour. It was a good experience and I liked the boat rider with such great riding skill. We saw a waterfall stunning sight spraying on us cool water droplets on our boat. At Ile Aux Cerf Island, we went for Underwater Sea Walk and Speed Boat Ride. The instructors and guides executing these watersports were very nice. This day was chosen for the South Tour of Mauritius. We went shopping and bought many local things for our family. After that, we went to temples, an enormous statue of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga. I was surprised to see such huge statues of Hindu gods in Mauritius. We saw a volcano crater, then we went to a park for buggy riding. After a tiresome and exciting tour of Southern Mauritius, we came back to retire for the night.

We proceeded for another round of the North Tour of Mauritius. It was a city tour which to the capital of Mauritius i.e. Port Louis, some historical places like forts, churches, and the waterfront. The entire tour allowed ample time for a photo session. We went to Casela Park well-known wildlife park in Mauritius. We had a close interaction with the lions. We got into a taxi from outside of our hotel. At Casella, we booked a Lion Interaction Tour and had a great time with these jungle kings. We saw many animals like different fish and clicked pictures with giant tortoises in the park. We packed our bags and left for home with lots of memories and experiences.