February 24,2019

The majority of people who come to India filled with excitement for tourism on mind lead to the three main cities that combine to make up the Golden Triangle - Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. This is largely because of their placement nearby one another. These locations are filled up already to with so many monuments and tourists. If you are good at availing the chance to go on the Golden Triangle Tours, then you may able to visit all of them! One of the most surprising thing is that many people varying so much in culture and coming from different locations are interested in something so vivid. Let’s take a short tour at the various cities in the triangle.


The major part of golden triangle tours are going to fall in the capital city of the country. Delhi is a developed location, a huge metropolitan city in India, with huge skyrise buildings as far as the sky reaches. It is most likely also the one city which promises the tourists so much. Large ancient mosques span over the area. Many of these mosques have been standing for several centuries in their complete glory. Delhi is most likely one of the best destinations in India if you are looking for the nicest blend of contemporary and a little more of a historical stylizing.

People’s favourite place to visit in Delhi would be the ‘Purani Delhi’ which has a very traditional Indian touch to it. I find that one of the best things about Delhi is that despite it being a tourist destination, you never really get the touch like a tourist. There are too many people here, and there are maximum chances you might bump into other visitors and tourists. This is also most thought of the best destinations on the tour to shop for ethnic Indian things. To get a better British feel of the capital city, steer ahead to New Delhi, which is a clear difference to the rest of the megacity.


The next destination on Golden Triangle Tours is by far most likely Agra. Agra, despite being a city of tourism, feels like a massive vast village. It really is a huge contrast to Delhi. In the world’s many historical sites Agra has most of them that reside here is the most famous building in India, the Taj Mahal. This wonderful memorial is the most peaceful location in the country, and should be one of the first places you hit to whilst in Agra. The whole rural feel of the area also means that there are a lot of native delights’ on offer in this place. Must try some sample of the local wares of the region, especially the many street BBQs on offer.


Jaipur, a historical city in the desert of India is often the last stop on Golden Triangle. Here are traditional ethnic Indian Bazaars as far as the vision can reach, and the perfect place to choose some souvenirs  of your trip. Perhaps the main thing of Jaipur is the forts of Maharaja Jai Singh II which sits in the Aravalli Hills, right outside the middle of the city. The second important place is the City Palace, which is now turned into a museum which highlights the rich history of Jaipur and the remaining country.